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A Story About Therapy

One of the most brilliant therapists ever, Dr Milton Erickson, used to tell a tale that was a metaphor for doing therapy. He grew up on a farm, and one day a horse strayed into their property. He said he would return the horse to the owner. He took the horse onto the road and walked with it. The horse would stop occasionally to eat the grass on the side, and then Erickson would pull it back onto the road and continue moving. Eventually Erickson walked it into a farm and the owner expressed surprise that his horse had been returned. The farmer asked, “How did you know where to come?” Erickson said, “I didn’t, but the horse knew.”

Erickson was indicating that in therapy the person knows the direction they need to head. He viewed the job of the therapist was to keep the person on the road, and get them moving occasionally.

 Therapy With Me

Erickson was a long time ago and therapy can achieve more these days, but it’s usually the case that several sessions are required and some commitment to persevere is necessary.

Although this site is mostly about grief, I have worked for more than 2 decades in mental health services, so have experience with a wide array of people’s problems. This particularly includes depression, anxiety, suicidal thinking, trauma in adult and childhood, PTSD, and relationship problems.


Medicare Rebates – Are You Eligible?

The Australian government extended Medicare to cover some services by social workers such as myself, who have the experience and training to qualify as Accredited Mental Health Social Workers.  Referrals can be made by a General Practitioner or a Psychiatrist under the BETTER ACCESS scheme.

Your Doctor can create a mental health care plan and refer you for treatment of mental health related matters (eg depression, anxiety etc.) and Medicare contributes to the cost as it does for doctor’s consultations. There is a gap to pay.

If your Doctor decides to refer, the care plan should mention my name, “Tom Blackford” & my profession, “Mental Health Social Worker.” It must state a mental health diagnosis and you must bring the care plan to the first visit. Most doctors are familiar with this process.

Consultation Times

Appointments are available daytime and some evenings. I am located in Payneham.


The fee per session is $170. Medicare rebate is currently $77 per session. The number of sessions are limited by the Doctor’s referral, to a maximum of 10 sessions in a calendar year.

For those on a Health Care card or Pension card the fee is $150 and the same Medicare rebate.

To make an appointment phone  on 0402 550 751, or email –  and I will ring you back.