Many Uses & Benefits

The developers of this method, Steve & Connirae Andreas, write in Chapter 11 of their book “Heart of the Mind,” of the various forms of loss that have been resolved.

“These include a young mother who gave up her baby for adoption, an older mother who lost an adult son by suicide, and men and women who have lost their loves to horrible diseases or accidents. In almost every case, the client experienced a tremendous relief and reconnection with the lost person, and with the value of that relationship.

“We have used the process with injured athletes who have lost their prized ability to play their favourite sport, and with people who have lost their jobs, home or their native country.”

They received feedback from a staff member in a psychiatric hospital who trained members of staff – “We have been using the grief pattern in our institution with all sorts of success…. We’re working with the toughest kinds of cases… “One young woman was clinically depressed and suicidal, grieving the loss of her mother. She was the adult child of an alcoholic, had been physically abused by her mother, sexually abused by her brothers, and had had a rotten life generally. After doing the grief process, everything turned around for her. She said afterwards, ‘I feel like I’ve had a heart transplant.’ This was about 7 months ago, and now she’s in great shape. She just visited me, and said that was what had really done it for her. She was in good shape when she left the hospital, and she was in even better shape when she came back to see me.”

To purchase their book, one can go to Heart of the Mind.