About Tom


Originally I began studying medicine and have always maintained my interest in health matters. I did not complete medicine and later qualified in social work. I have worked in the adult mental health sector for more than 20 years in Adelaide, South Australia. I am endlessly interested in people and optimistic about their capacity to change.

I find the operation of mental health services to be too focused on labelling people, and offering medication as the primary means of helping them. Consequently I first created a website where I could voice my concerns, along with information about effective psychological approaches. People can still read those articles at www.tomblackford.com.au

I wrote them primarily for professional staff, but I think most members of the public will find them interesting and readable. Many consumers and relatives will find hope, where they had none, so I plan to leave them available there.

On this current site, I am more interested in delivering information and service to people, which will help them get past a significant loss, or other events which have made life difficult.